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ExteriorCare & Maintenance

Wash your vehicle regularly with a pH neutral car shampoo.

Dry the vehicle using a quality chamois ensuring you remove all water droplets and marks.

If a contaminant does not completely come off after washing the vehicle, use the Spot Cleaner with a soft microfibre cloth. Apply a small amount to the cloth and hold the cloth onto the affected area, to soften the contaminant. Once it is softened remove it with gentle motions across the surface of the contaminant, avoiding the surrounding paint.

To remove any further residue or fine surface marks, use the Fine Line Remover. Apply a small amount to the microfibre cloth and gently rub the affected area in a circular motion. Continue until the Fine Line Remover drives to a haze and remove with a soft clean microfibre cloth. If necessary, repeat until the mark is gone.

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Interior ContaminationCare & Maintenance

Wash your vehicle regularly with a pH neutral car shampoo.

Remove any contaminants immediately from the interior surfaces using a soft microfibre cloth and warm water. Blot the surface, do NOT rub.

If the contaminant is not removed completely, use the Spot Cleaner. Apply a small amount to a damp microfibre cloth, blot the cloth over the affected area and repeat with pressure until the contaminant is gone. Repeat with a cloth which has been dampened with water only, to remove any residue.

You may void your warranty or incur a cleaning charge if no attempt is made to clean the surface, the vehicle is not regularly cleaned, or the full Care and Maintenance Schedule is not followed.

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